22 April, 2021 - 17:09 PM
User’s aspirations for mobile handset are constantly rising and exceed its basic function of calling. People want to access business information, download music, play games, share media and content, watch streaming video, use GPS navigation, send instant messages to friends from anywhere.

For companies that want to capitalize on this trend, Deltasoft offers mobile software development services across such platforms as J2ME, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Android, iPhone, BREW and Linux.

Our team will turn your business ideas into quality products in shorter timelines to outrun your competitors. During the course of years we have successfully released over 200 mobile applications and gained valuable experience in such industries as Telecommunications, Multimedia & Entertainment, Banking & Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail, Logistics & Location. We are glad to pass on such experience to our customers.

Deltasoft Mobile provides both product and application development. With product development approach we take responsibility for all aspects of product lifecycle starting from R&D, prototyping, development, testing and maintenance support, while for application development approach we are ready to implement any custom applications based on our customer’s vision.

Deltasoft Mobile has internal requirements about code quality, applying design patterns and test-driven development process to guarantee the highest quality of any product we are delivering.

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