30 July, 2021 - 16:44 PM
Nowadays, iPhone is a very popular OS for mobile phones and multimedia devices from Apple. iPhone quickly gained popularity among the users all over the world due to fine animated user interface, touch screen control, accelerometer, integrated GPS receiver, portable media player and a range of other useful features. This platform is a good example of the unity of excellent multimedia device and a Smartphone. Time magazine named iPhone the “Invention of the Year 2007”. Since iPhone was announced in January 2007, over 21 million phone units have been sold all over the world.

Deltasoft has been developing applications for iPhone OS right after it was announced. By now we have a rich portfolio of applications developed for iPhone. All the applications are of different complexity including games, financial applications, messaging tools, personal organizers, barcode readers, entertainment applications and many more. One thing that unites them all is rich user interface.

Please see below screenshots of applications implemented by Deltasoft Mobile for iPhone OS:
Endless Racing Game

Watch Endless Racing Game developed by Deltasoft Mobile for iPhone on YouTube or download it from App Store for free