30 July, 2021 - 16:56 PM
J2ME platform enjoys the widest support of all mobile technologies at the moment. It is provided with a set of essential APIs, which cover the most important areas of mobile development, preserving the simplicity and convenience of Java programming language. Thus, JM2E development is the most competitive in terms of efforts and the quality of the final products. Wide range of devices with embedded Java Virtual Machine and supporting J2ME create an enormous market share of J2ME in mobile development and good prospects for future growth.

Deltasoft has successfully completed a number of J2ME projects targeting at series of the most popular mobile phones. We have profound experience of work with device specific APIs to fine-tune the applications for a concrete device. Moreover, we develop custom software and collaborate closely with manufacturers before the releases of official devices.

We are experts in developing applications in the following business domains:
  • Entertainment: music/video playback, recording immediate music experience: progressive download, real-time streaming protocols;
  • Mobile banking and secure networking: network connection via HTTPs, Web Services, etc;
  • Mobile advertisements and data transfer: Jsr-82 Bluetooth API;
  • Personal information management: JSR 75 (PIM API);
  • Mobile Widsets: specific Nokia API;
  • Frameworks development: storage access, User Interface.

We have successfully ported custom applications to hundreds of JTWI compatible Java phones having dealt with resource-constrained devices as well as powerful Smartphones.

Please see below the examples of applications completed by Deltasoft Mobile in JavaME:
Music Store
Mobile Loan